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((Hello everyone who's actually reading this!
A fellow friend of mine's loosing some of his friends and needs your help.
He's trying to make loads of new friends by looking on this site
Please help him!
He needs you!

Thank you for your time.))
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We have alot of names...
Sweden: Hello, we are the so-called "Nyordics" and we're here to answer your questions.
Finland: Yeah! If you have anything you wanna ask us, please ask on our "Please ask us" picture, it'll make it easier for us!
Denmark: HELL YEAH!
Norway: ...
Iceland: So, now we're done, right?
Sweden: Not quite, we still have to-
Finland: We still have to tell them about the admin's dA page!
Sweden: ... I was just about to say that...
Iceland: Oh, right! The admins page can be found here! :iconmrsminnieminnie123:
Denmark: NOW are we done?
Sweden and Finland: Yes.
Denmark: Good, 'cause I have some male that I wanna hit on~
Everybody (except Denmark): *Facepalm*

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PianoOni Feb 27, 2013  Student Artist
What do you guys do in your spare time? :)
Hey there finland!
yep how would you and the other nordics react to Ice Pheonix is the nordic 5 brother?
thanks also my OC Ice Pheonix he happens to be the brother of the nordic 5
Fem!Finland: Oh, really now..? That's cool! ^^
Glad you guys like it merry Christmas from The Power Kidz happy holidays
Fem!Finland: Merry Christmas~!
im good thanks hey did you and the others get the song i sent you
Fem!Finland: Why yes, we did! Our admin's being a bit lazy and won't submit our reaction, that's all..
Hei, Miss Suoooomi~! Come on and join our holiday party!
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